The Spa


Few things in life give us a sense of belonging, few leave us in awe and few are just a part and parcel of everyday life. All of those things come together to give us our identity, assurance and confidence.

Beauty is one of them, that leaves us in awe and helps us feel wonderful and confident.

FavoSpa is a salon for all, with a design to answer all of your needs, where you can walk-in to feel wonderful about pampering yourself. It's simply beyond grooming, it combines packages of all our services for a beautiful relationship with ones self. A relationship that promises expertise and consistency in good service, because those who come to FavoSpa love there glowing skin, lushes healthy hair and gorgeous self.

Your skin and hair are the features that people see first when they meet you. Let us help you make a great impression with beautiful skin and hair.

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