Five reasons to have a massage

We all know how good massage can feel and that it can help with chronic pain, but how does massage really affect us? And in how many ways? Other than giving us a sense of well-being and reducing the amount of stress we feel, massage affects so many different physiological parts of our bodies. Here we have listed five fantastic reasons to continue with regular massage treatments.

  • Massage increases circulation. When parts of the body don’t have proper circulation – it can cause inflammation. Muscles need blood flow in order to function properly.
  • Regular massage can help reduce tension headaches that come from being overworked or stressed out.Our lifestyles today are busier, more stressful and we work longer hours. Those who work at a computer all day are most susceptible to these types of chronic concerns. If you get regular therapeutic massage, you can reduce the amount of headaches along with the amount of pain relievers you may be taking.
  • If you are experiencing trouble sleeping – massage can help! Insomnia is reduced when you are able to have regular massage because you are able to release tension and allow your body to heal and regenerate itself. That can support a healthy immune system which is needed for our blustery fall and winter months ahead.
  • Massage allows for replenishment of vital energy. When we are under stress for a long period of time, it affects us not only physically but mentally. Depression, anxiety and panic attacks can result from this condition. When we address these core issues, we can heal ourselves without medication.
  • Massage helps you to look better. It’s true! Regular massage helps keep your skin and hair glowing, better and more relaxed muscle tone and an upright, balanced posture. Many guests remark that they feel taller or are standing straighter than before their massage. When you feel good, you look good and everyone around you will notice the change.

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